*Last updated 10/3/2022*

When can I submit my application?

The submission window for the 2023 Market Proof Awards will open in the Summer of 2023.

What is the time range for the award submissions?

Entries should be submitted from content created/published anywhere from January 1, 2022 - Jul 15, 2023

When will the winners be announced? 

The 2023 winners will be announced in September 2023.

What is the cost to enter the Market Proof Awards?

Each submission is $100. All proceeds will be donated to charity. 

Can I enter multiple categories?

Yes! You may enter as many categories as you like. 

Where will the award ceremony take place? Is it in person or virtual?

Award winners will be announced at the Online Sales and Marketing Summit for 2023 in Dallas, TX, and all winners will be interviewed and listed online. Winners do not need to be present at the Summit to accept the award. 

Can I submit on behalf of my entire marketing team or online sales team?

Yes, you may submit on behalf of your team.

I’m a consulting/ marketing/ online sales 3rd party company, can I submit on behalf of the builder I worked with?

No, sorry. Only representatives from homebuilding companies may enter this award program.

What is the judging process?

Industry professionals from around the country will be selected as guest judges. They will independently rate each entry and the entry with the highest ratings will be selected as the winner. No one at Do You Convert is involved in the judging process. 

What if I need assistance with the application process? 

Please reach out to Andrew@doyouconvert.com for any additional questions you may have about this award program.

What if I have additional questions about the Market Proof Awards? 

Please reach out to Andrew@doyouconvert.com for any additional questions.